Summer Dream

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous.” Aristotle

It was one dark, quiet night, the air was so still that I was afraid to disturb it with my presence. I was out in the country, where I could spend some time away from all the hustle and crowds, noise and pollution of the big city; here the stars could be seen much better.

As I looked into the night’s sky, an enveloping feeling of wonder filled my heart. Like an unbounded nomad I was lying under the stars, and an inkling sensation of something grand and vast, indescribable by human words was arising within. It seemed as if the unknown universe was revealing its face to me for the first time. In that brief moment my breath was taken away, and it it was as if my spirit has moved into everything, and everything was in me. Peaceful joy was pounding in and flowing out of my heart.
When I was brought back, all I could see were silhouettes of the trees on the edge of the field, cicadas were singing all around me in the tall grass, the fragrant smell of summer flowers was pleasantly soothing in the cold air. I felt so serene, and just one thought or rather more of a feeling was pulsating throughout my being, extreme gratitude for living under this majestic sky and walking upon this incredible planet filled with so many wonders.



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