Only in Morocco…

Once again I am back to the country of dusty roads, tall palms and ever ascending prayers. I love it here so far, because things happen differently, and more often than not I find myself surprised. I am not saying things happen here like they should, on the contrary, ‘normal’  is the word that I started using in a very sarcastic way, with a typical grin on my face, but who said that I am a normal person and I relate to things just like all the other people do?

Well, reality is there is no such thing as ‘normal’ in the world, it is just a human created concept, yet mainstream society loves using it.  I do not think I am mainstream and I believe it  allows a possibility for absolutely ‘abnormal’ things to happen. And when it does I just say to myself: “Life, you are amazing, no other day is the same, thanks for the thrills.”

For example:

By chance, without any intended purpose I stopped by a place where I am going to work. Without any pretext, I was suddenly informed that I am going to teach a class the next day in a totally different subject. Nooow, I am an EFL Teacher, all right,  and I was offered English  Language module for Foundation Year students, fair enough, I agreed. And then, less than 24 hours in advance, I am being informed that I am going to take Personal Development Planning module. Ok, could deal with it. “I am sorry where is the Course Guide? Aaah, there is non? Aaah, you want me to write one, and create a syllabus for the course when it is starting this week? Aaah, you think it is a perfect opportunity for me and I will do a great job?” Nice…nice.                                                                                                                                  Could you imagine things like this happening on the ‘backstage’ of the university where you study or have studied? Could you imagine that a person who is introducing herself as your tutor and is confidently presenting the module, has discovered her new role just 24h before? Highly doubt.

So, this PDP things is all about getting to know who you are, what you want and helping you to create a strategic plan, helping you to get where you desire. Great, that’s pretty useful. Only one little thing, you gave it to a teacher without enough time to plan out 🙂 What an irony but I have to plan as I go, what else can I do? Never say no to a challenge.

    Anyway, no matter how disorganized the university is, no matter how unthoughtful they are about their staff’s needs, and how unprepared they made me feel, I am unbelievably grateful. I was hoping to get an opportunity in a university environment. I was praying for the opportunity to do something different from EFL teaching to present itself, and the universe answered me like this. Also, I was praying to get a clearer understanding of my path in life, and the universe clearly is pointing out that I have to do some PDP myself, as well as to teach it to others. Cosmic humour it is. Little Buddha inside of me is laughing, he appreciated this spontaneous twist of events and me getting startled by it like this, although he knew… of course, he knew.



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