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This post is a rough transcript of a short talk I gave at the event organized by my creative mates from Casablanca. They are doing something great for expats in this city as well as Moroccans. Presenting people with an opportunity to gather in an informal atmosphere to share some stories, mingle, meet new interesting people and simply have a really pleasant evening. There hasn’t been an event of this sort before in Casa, so it’s a truly a brilliant idea.

Check their page, don’t forget to like it, they really deserve it:

I was invited to speak there yesterday, it was so silly of me to get sooo nervous, but I didn’t get a chance to rehearse the speech and that made me loose a line, but the reader will never know, so read on..

<…> Why I wanted to share my experience with you today? It’s because Morocco has taught me something really important. It has taught me a way of experiencing life to the fullest regardless of social, political or economic situation wherever you go. How did that happen?

We all know that many things are wrong here, pollution, corruption, poverty just to name a few, but, personally, seeing all these things just made me feel more humble, more grateful for what I had in my life. Truly we should feel privileged, as millions and millions of people in this world don’t even have a quarter of what we’ve got. Truth is, it isn’t their fault. It’s the fault of those who assumed positions of power, made themselves leaders, but are leading in the wrong direction. Anyway, this is my first point, be humble, be grateful for what you’ve got, and, if possible, try to empathise with the ones who weren’t as lucky as you.

Now, I was actually asking myself, why do we go on judging and criticising others so much. And the answer is, because we think too much and we feel too little. All the judgement comes from the mind; we start analysing and comparing, we get carried away and our perspective totally shifts to the mind reality. Can I ask you to do something for me please?                                                                                                    Assume a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, and ‘see’ inside of your head. What thoughts are running through your head? What is on your mind? Be very conscious of that. Now, take a few more deep breaths, imagine that the air is coming in and out of your chest. Concentrate on that for a few more moments.                      Following one’s breath helps to pacify one’s mind you know. So now you can hear my suggestion, or rather proposition…How about we shift from mind reality back towards the heart?

This is what I’ve learned to do, thanks to the the people I had a chance to meet here. Many Moroccans have big hearts, welcoming and open. Even when a family has so little, they’re still willing to share, you just need to touch them somehow. How then? Just show that your heart is open as well. In reality you don’t even need the language to do that. There is always so much non-verbal communication going on between people. It can be a longer look in the eyes, or even a simple smile. But some people have a problem with that, especially Europeans, as I am one, I can say that for sure.     Question is, what prevents us from doing that? I believe it is fear, fear of becoming more vulnerable if we open up. So we are constantly in defence. Don’t touch me, don’t look at me, don’t smile at me… thinking, what do you want from me?!                                                                Nothing…really…                                                                                                                   We should defend ourselves from nature, wild animals maybe, but we started defending ourselves from each other, as if we are wolves, although commodified objects, I suppose, sounds more accurate within a capitalistic system, in which we all exist. We started defending ourselves from each other, looking only for the things to get from others but not to give. We are so much locked up in our selfish individualities, and this limits us a lot in reality. Unfortunately,  this type of attitude deprives us from something very important, like the ability to acknowledge others as equal human beings, who have the same emotions and feelings. It also prevents us from seeing the reality through the heart dimension.

You might be asking yourself, why do I keep referring to ‘heart’ so frequently? What is so special about the heart? Well, first of all, did you know that heart is the first organ that is formed? And then it is from the heart that the rest of your being appears. It is not the brain, it is heart, and it has a much more powerful resonance as well. From the very beginning it is all about the heart. Men and women are drawn to each other through the powerful feeling of love, and it is from this love that you appeared. Thus you can say that love is intrinsically embedded in you…in all of us. Once you understand this, it becomes so easy to connect to others regardless of nationality, race, religion, age or social status.

It’s all ’bout One Heart, you see…One Love, and Bob Marley was right, we can get together and make it all right. Really, this is what we are doing in this very moment actually.                                                            This finally brings me to my main point. If you want to have some deep, meaningful, wonderful moments wherever you go, be it Morocco or any other place, you should always try to experience this life not through the narrow lens of the mind but through the vast refuge of the heart.

Have faith. Be open. Don’t be scared. The right people and enriching experiences will be drawn to you, making this journey full of challenges and struggles all so much better. 🙂

Thank you.


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