On Love

I wish to write about something that is hard to explain, only mystics and poets since time immemorial have been coming closer to describing this indescribable -feeling of Love.

This feeling has been a central theme of our lives here on Earth. Everyone wishes to experience Love, to love and to be loved. The love that we know between men and women is something that allows this world to go on, generation after generation. But it is not all just about procreation, is it? I am telling myself, it cannot be, as I have my own way of seeing this ‘act’ between souls. Read on as I paint the canvas with an ephemeral vision in my heart and soul.

In the very first act of creation, the Creator, essence of which is inconceivable, separated Itself into two primordial forces. To one of its parts It gave all the potential of its force and energy but let it lie dormant, to the other, It gave a potential to awaken the dormant force. One was like a seed, the other like water, life as we know it would not be possible if one or the other was not there; this was the Universal Decree.

Two energies existing as One, divided and undividable. For minds that know only duality, how possible to describe the dance of these, which is Eternity? In this Eternity, life and death come as veiled guests, yet all is but a dream as their dance is Life itself. This dance is yet another act of creation, expression of the nature of the Creator Itself.

The dance is like a collision of two galaxies, the end of it is predestined but so is another beginning. Spinning in the eternal infinity, circle of life, appearing as Uroboros, the serpent eating its own tale.

There are no human words to describe, no imagination to ideate that, which is without form. However, we can feel it, like we feel the tremor of an earthquake being far from the epicentre, and we call it love.

premordial lovers

When two merge into one, when Yin and Yang flow into each other, in that moment it seems like nothing else exists, in that moment, however brief, the Truth shines bright and the veil is lifted.

This Shiva-Shakti, the manifestation of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father in the human form of love. This love is beginning of the quest to find the real Beloved, who has thousands of names and none of them is It but all of them are. Alfa and Omega, the First (al’Awwal) and the Last (al’Akhir).

I will let Hafiz, great Sufi Master to add a final touch to this canvas.

These Beautiful Love Games

Young lovers wisely say,

“Let’s try it from this angle,

Maybe something marvelous will happen,

Maybe three suns and two moons

Will roll out

From a hiding place in the body

Our passion has yet to ignite.”

Old lovers say,

“We can do it one more time,

How about from this longitude

And latitude –

Swinging from a rope tied to the ceiling,

Maybe a part of God

Is still hiding in a corner of your heart

Our devotion has yet to reveal.”

Bottom line:

Do not stop playing

These beautiful






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