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Grand Premiere

“We are all in the gutter but some of us are still looking at the stars.”

Everything is ever changing. This side of things is the only constant, which makes this life so much more unpredictable and exciting.

Yet many of us do believe in destiny, that everything has already been decided for us. It is not a negative fatalism, however, just an acceptance of the Higher order that rules this creation.

Somewhere behind the veil, there is a screenwriter,  measuring the time whilst the audience is watching, holding their breath. Fine are these actors on this stage, called life. Have they not gotten into the character so well, they would not have forgotten that once they were someone else.

Nevertheless, as Seneca once said:

Life is like a play in the theatre: it does not matter how long it lasts, but how well it was played.

Truly, it is undeniable that the way we live our lives is more important than figuring out about our previous life or the life yet to come, who is the screenwriter or wondering about what the audience thinks. There is also no intermission and the final act usually comes sooner than we would guess. So let’s play like it is our last time on stage and let’s deserve the standing ovation and have flowers thrown to our feet.



Perspective shared on PAGES

This post is a rough transcript of a short talk I gave at the event organized by my creative mates from Casablanca. They are doing something great for expats in this city as well as Moroccans. Presenting people with an opportunity to gather in an informal atmosphere to share some stories, mingle, meet new interesting people and simply have a really pleasant evening. There hasn’t been an event of this sort before in Casa, so it’s a truly a brilliant idea.

Check their page, don’t forget to like it, they really deserve it:


I was invited to speak there yesterday, it was so silly of me to get sooo nervous, but I didn’t get a chance to rehearse the speech and that made me loose a line, but the reader will never know, so read on..

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